Facebook Will Find You Anywhere....and so will Marketers

When I was an undergrad, I remember our TV Prod class discussing "HD" as the future of TV production.  It seems almost ridiculous now (since it was only a  few years ago) and now the entire media department at my alma mater is nearly unrecognizable with 25 AVID editing stations and a studio that outshines the local CBS affiliate. Recently, Santa visited my house and brought us an awesome 47" Flat Screen HDTV.  We promptly upgraded our cable package so we can take advantage of those HD channels. My husband said, "my wife can hook it all up; it was her major".  I looked at him and said, "Cathode Ray tube".  I really am fascinated by our new TV.  There is a USB port and something that looks like I can connect my computer to it and there are all these wonderful places to plug stuff into.  The first time we turned it on we both stood there in our living room totally mesmerized, "'trout mouth", and we didn't blink for an hour.  I looked at my husband and said, "It's as if I have never watched TV before." 

Emerging television technology is one of those things that I get totally geeked out about as a marketer.  While I'm on the fence about 3-D technology, it is very interesting.  Windows 7 allows us to synchronize our laptops with other devices, including our TVs. However, for me, Google is the current champ sitting on top. 

Using a keyboard, Google TV allows the user to search anything from news and sports to entertainment and social media - all seemlessly. (ABCNews.com).  The user cannot tell the difference between scrolling cable channels or browsing the internet.  For example, there is a search bar at the top of the TV.  The user types in a word.  The browser searches TV (cable channels) and the Internet for related content.  The user can also access Twitter (for example) and get those updates on their TV as they are watching TV.  I could be working on this very post on our TVs by accessing this web site while simultaneously watching TV. 

While this technology is truly still emerging, I find pros and cons.  On the downside, we are already so overly-stimulated and inundated with messages and media and Facebook and now TweetDeck that to think there is yet another avenue for clutter makes my head spin.  I mean, Americans are already known for our lack of ability to relax and now Twitter can find me on my couch! YIKES!
However, it is super cool and I cannot wait to check it out.  Especially because I am a person who typically does not watch much TV (hence the fact that I the last person on Earth to get HD service).  As a marketer, the possibilities are endless AND this idea of merging all media or at least blurring the lines between them all peaks my creativity into how we will communicate with our audience.  It is imperative for our industry to become standardized with IMC philosophies to keep our messages consistent and to effectively communicate with our customers - to build relationships with them! Thoughts??

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  1. I've been reading the book "Hamlet's Blackberry" and it claims to help manage the digital overload. I should have it finished tonight, and will let you know if I have any good tips.