So You’re An Expert! Oh, yea? Says who?

Ok, so sales are increasing, forecast looks good, data from your CRM is showing clients are happy, and you’ve got this Twitter thing down.  You (or someone in your office) updates the Blog and posts engaging things about the company on Facebook.  You are clearly an expert in your field.  But do your customers think so?  What about your competition’s customers – do they view you as an expert?  Here are some ways to stand out in very loud, very crowded online market place. 

Steve Rubel, EVP of Global Strategy and Insights for Edelman, gave a presentation at Mashable Connect 2011 in which he discussed how to be considered an authority on your subject when everyone is simply overloaded with information every waking (and resting) moment of the day.  Rubel discusses the media cloverleaf (seen below) as the way we release information and the way the consumer receives it.  I am a big fan of customer-centricity and firmly believe in the power of two-way communication with the audience.  But how do we stand out in among this inundation of media and furthermore how do we actually get someone to engage in dialogue about our brand?  Rubel gives five pointers to help us along.
1. Elevate the Experts
Let others (not you) become experts on your brand – even that means your current customers.  Have someone else discuss why your product or service is changing their life. Use video, testimonials, and a variety of subject matter.  Look to Cisco Together as an example of a company who does this well.

2. Curate to Connect
Separate the art from the junk. 

3. Dazzle with Data
Use pictures and images.  People do not spend a lot of time reading but rather they “browse” or skim through your web site or Blog (except for this one, of course).  So use images and graphs to make your point more easily.  Ever hear of the back of the napkin? 

4. Put Pubs on Hubs
Publish your company’s content to places like Slideshare and Scribd.

5. Ask & Answer
Be a source of knowledge! Position yourself as an expert!! 

See Rubel’s entire article here!

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