Everyone wants to be liked.  We all do.  We want to know that others find us desirable in some way whether it’s for a date, a friendship, or a job interview.  What is “it” about certain people that make them likeable?  The same thing it is for brands. Now, let’s get real. 

Consumers today are savvy.  What this really means is that they are cynical.  They know you’re selling to them.  The truth is that they don’t want to be “sold’ however, if we facilitate the right environment, they will buy. Why? Because they like us.  Ogilvy’s SVP of Global Strategy & Marketing, Rohit Bhargava, called a “believability crisis” during his presentation at Mashable Connect 2011.
Bhargava gives us a few things to remember when communicating our value or our brand’s value.  Wait, that’s too much jargon already.  Seriously, I’ll get real now. 

Bhargava coined the term “Likeonomics”  and it’s based on being simple, human, brutally honest and emotional. GET REAL PEOPLE!  Here’s how: 

1) Simple
To be more believable, the first step is simple and based on personal relationships, said Bhargava. “Be genuine, be honest, be open.” He believes that this concept has powered the social media revolution and the brands that have embraced it.

2) Be Human
If you’re trying to build relationships, it’s a good idea to be human. Simply said, but not easily done.

3) Brutally Honest
This is tough for some people.  In her book A Place of Yes, Bethenny Frankel addresses this, too.  She says, You’ve set yourself up to live with integrity, and this rule is the key to practicing that integrity.If you do it, say it, think it, then own it, and you’ll never have to scramble to cover your tracks or remember your lies or make up any excuses. Owning it means taking that final step toward fully acknowledging who you really are”. 

4) Emotional
Be invested in your passion and others will be too. 

Try these on for size over the next few weeks and see if people like you.  For being you.  Guaranteed ROI.  People will do business with you – not because you make the best widget or sell it at the best price or because you’re in the best location – but because they like you. 

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