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Usually I love New Year’s Eve.  The atmosphere is electric and everyone is wound up and looking good.  But this year was different.  This year I didn't want to be around any assholes, so I stayed home.  It was the right decision.  I’m sure I’ll re-join the nonsense again for NYE 2013.  But that is 363 days from now, so let’s focus on the present. 

Resolutions are full of ways to improve, to fix something that we deem flawed within ourselves.  And if we fix these terrible parts of our character or behavior or process we will somehow magically be, well…happier.  And we use the end of our calendar as a marker for when we should start improving.  It’s logical and we all do it because the first day of a new year is a great place to start anew.  I find it hilariously ironic that we start each New Year by taking the day off of work and lying around hung over. 

But I digress…

For resolutions to work, we should take a different approach to them.  Stop looking within yourself and start looking without.  By focusing on how you help others rather than focusing on “fixing” yourself, you become focused on what value you bring to the world.  My resolution this year is to (get fit, increase income, stop bad habits) answer the question “how am I serving others?” Inspired by a Blog post by Emily Bennington, I resolve to spend the year trying to figure out what value I add to other people’s lives that they can’t get somewhere else.  This list of people includes my boss, the clients our organization serves, friends, family, and the community.  It seems like a big list, but really I am in contact with this group daily.  So, might as well serve them all better. 

The first step is to revisit the opening of the post. I should probably stop calling people assholes.  I should also probably use nicer language.  I will not, however, be less sarcastic. 

We can serve others and discover our value while at the same time not taking life too seriously.  (It’s ok if this post made you chuckle but also inspired you.) I suppose that is my other resolution – to take my life less seriously.  The year 2012 was steeped in heavy, serious challenges and obstacles and they were all focused selfishly on me.  All of the decisions I made (most of them dreadfully bad) were all about me and zero of the decisions I made improved the lives of others.   In fact, I hurt several people.  By asking -“How am I serving others?” -  I am creating a paradigm shift in my entire thought process and approach to life.  I employ you to do the same. 

So, welcome 2013! How can I serve you today? 

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