365 Things To Do In Wheeling

#8. Team Trivia. 

Every Tuesday night, all year.  Free.  Generations Restaurant & Pub. 338 National Road.  (304) 232-7917.

Team Trivia is one of those "IF ONLY" things.

"If only Wheeling had cool little shops like Arlington.";
"If only Wheeling had an area like the South Side";
"If only Wheeling had TEAM TRIVIA like they do in Morgantown."

We do have it.  So here you go -

Here's what you need to know if you've never been.

It's fun. Really.

Get a team together (4, 5, 6 people - however many you want. If you don't have any friends, I'm sure an existing team will let you play with them, unless you're an idiot or you're mean.) Go to Generations on Tuesdays. No need to sign up ahead of time, although you may want to arrive early as it is a popular event and tables fill quickly.

EVERYONE is welcome, but you should know some of the regulars have "their table", so be courteous to those who have been playing forever.  

Once you find a table, pick a team name (most are 'dirty play on words' such as "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket", which really is a Blink 182 album, but you get the point and don't use this name because it's actually my team's name); walk up to the emcee to get your team signed up. The emcee will then give you all the instructions you need prior to the game starting.

It's a general knowledge game.  Super fun. Prizes include a free pitcher of beer and bragging rights.  If you use your smartphone to Google answers, they may beat you with a crowbar.  Be real. Or build a team of really smart people (or one who knows a lot about sports, one who knows about politics, etc.)

Helpful tip: Go to the web site for the weekly "Free Answer" http://www.teamtriviawv.com/free-answer/
This is one gimme answer, so you know you'll at least get one question right.

This is the same exact company/group that produces team trivia in Charleston and Morgantown and Huntington and everywhere. So stop saying, "If Only" and start saying, "Tuesday is trivia night."

Good luck.  And don't hurt yourself trying to decide on a team name.

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