365 Things To Do In Wheeling.

#24.  Party In The Park. 

It's a party. It's in a park.

Oglebay, to be exact.

What: Music, food, fun.
Where: Levenson Shelter (the one nearest the Good Zoo)
Time: 6pm
Benefits: Ohio County Animal Shelter (awe......)

Info: 304-639-0958

There will be food. There will be music.  There will be beer.  What else could you possibly want on a Saturday in May?


365 Things To Do In Wheeling.

#23.  Woodsdale Carnival. 

It's a carnival.  It's in Woodsdale.

I grew up in a small steel town (about 1500 residents).  One of my most cherished childhood memories is of the annual fireman's carnival.  There was a Ferris wheel.  You could see the Ferris wheel from all the way at the other end of town.  Seeing that big round steel structure was the sure sign of summertime.  The women sold Coleman's fish sandwiches inside the firehall and all the grandparents and aunts and uncles played BINGO outside under a canopy of multi-colored triangle-shaped banners.

Ah....the carnival.



Where: Woodsdale Elementary School, 1 Bethany Pike

Friday, May 16th

Time: 5pm-7pm

Open to all area children.  Carnival games, food, cotton candy, snow cones, etc.

New this year!! - Dunk tank featuring Principal Dr. Kimberly Miller!!

Face painting, hair painting.

Rain or shine.

Brought to you by the Woodsdale PTO.


365 Things To Do In Wheeling.

#22. Live, Local Music. 

"Remember when Wheeling had an awesome music scene?  Boy it sure isn't like it used to be" 

You know when I heard this? In 1994. And 1999. And 2005. And today.

Stop saying that.  Why?

Because there is STILL an amazing array of local talent.

Where do I see them?

Glad you asked.

Well, this weekend you can catch a night of psychedelic funk and rock.  Say, wha?

In their words -

Funk, Rock, Electric ENERGY: These four Pigeons bring it every night. Based out of Baltimore, MD, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong has an undeniably unique and versatile live sound that ascends peaks of musical ecstasy. Their evolving arrangement of original compositions, psychedelic improvisational jams, and contagious smiles have ‘The Flock’– their self-identifying fanbase that stretches from coast-to-coast– coming back for more. One of the fastest growing emerging artists in the jam and festival scene these days, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong is here to bring the party with their danceable electro-funk grooves and infectious ability to bring positive energy to any environment.
Like a throwback science-fiction series, KR-3 in many ways embodies nostalgia of the past while forging ahead with futuristic ideas. In fact, the band took its name from a 1974 science-fiction novel's reference to psychedelia. The group - described by some as an "indie-rock band that jams" has a sound that has been dubbed “Appalachian Psychedelia”. KR-3 keeps one foot firmly planted in old-school psychedelic rock 'n' roll and one hand turning knobs on doors that lead to unexplored spaces. The band’s sound is a soul grabbing, mind expanding, psychedelic funk and blues inspired jam, mixed with prevailing three part vocal harmonies.

What a night in Wheeling! Bringing you the best entertainment in town! You DO NOT want to miss this show!
Find out more and get tickets here. 

365 Things To Do In Wheeling.

#21.  Live Show. 

When's the last time you went to a live show?  Actual live show in a venue with seats and a couple thousand other people?

Well hold to your hats, because there is a show this weekend in Downtown Wheeling that will blow your mind.

Ghost of the Blues.

In their words -

Ghost of the Blues” is a Broadway style musical review, which tells the history of the blues thru the lyrics of the most famous blues songs, which are performed in the character of the greatest legendary blues singers.
ACT 1 Takes place in a fog filled graveyard, the entrance to Willie Dixon’s Blues Heaven.
James Armstrong has recently joined the cast to play the part of John Lee Hooker in the first Act.
Stacy Brooks, from Washington DC, plays Etta James in the most extraordinary way.
ACT 2 Takes place in a fictional Blues roadhouse, The Canal House, which transforms the stage into a juke joint, where the artists put on an authentic blues show, as it was done “back in the day”.
Biscuit Miller plays Willie Dixon in the second act and is joined onstage, by Albert King, played by Big Jim Jacobs in the show. Little Walter, Koko Taylor, Robert Johnson, are all on the Ghost stage!
Keeping the Blues alive in the most rollicking, traditional way is the mission of “Ghost of the Blues”.
If you like theatre, music or just love to have a good time on a Saturday night, don’t miss the Ghost Train! We leave the Capitol Theatre Station at 8:00P.M. on May 17th, 2014 so don’t be late!

365 Things To Do In Wheeling.

#20. Wheeling Symphony. 

But I don't know anything about symphonic music.
But I've never been....how do you dress?
Isn't it expensive and high-brow?

When I hear people ask these questions (all GREAT questions, BTW) it makes me think a few things. Either they're really just not interested OR their hesitation is due to the fact they've never gone and simply don't know what to expect.

Ok. Firstly, a night at The Capitol Theater is ALWAYS a great experience no matter what's happening on stage.

The musicians are from the region (and many live in Wheeling).  

So here are the details for Friday.

Capitol Theater, 1015 Main Street, Wheeling
Time: 8pm
Ticket prices vary
Call 304-233-4470 or visit www.CapitolTheaterWheeling.com 

This is the last concert of the regular season.  If you're too nervous/unsure, then check out the Pops series next season (yes, I'll Blog about it and tell you everything you need to know).

365 Things To Do In Wheeling.

#19. Go see an indie film. 

"If only Wheeling had a place where you could go watch cool independent films like they do in Alexandria...."

We do.  Now go see it. This Friday (after you stop by Third Friday at Artworks because it's a 1/2 block away)

What: Towngate Cinema presents 'Finding Vivian Maier'
Where: (don't make me say Towngate) Towngate Theater, 2118 Market Street, Wheeling.
When: Friday, May 16, 7pm (if you can't make that showing, it also runs on Saturday and Sunday. Click here)

Cool theater.  Have you ever been there? Ok, but have you ever seen an indie film there?


Go.  You will love it.

365 Things To Do In Wheeling.

#18. Show of Hands. 

"If only Wheeling had a vehicle for entrepreneurs to get crowd funding..."

In their words - 

Show of Hands is an event where residents can learn about projects that contribute to the betterment of downtown Wheeling. Attendees cast a vote for the project they would like to support with the funds raised through donations at the door. We will be asking attendees for a donation of $5 or more. 

Through a sponsorship from Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, the winner will also receive $1,000 in addition to the donations from the door.

If you or someone you know is working on a community project and would like some funding to help move the project along, please follow the link below to the application. All projects are welcome to apply, but only four will be chosen to present at the first Show of Hands event. 

When: Thursday, May 15, 6pm
Where: Future Children's Museum of the Ohio Valley (2112 Market Street - formerly "Living Word Church")

A $5 donation gets you a vote, and a $10 or more donation gets you 60 seconds to make an announcement regarding something you or your organization is doing.

Heavy hors d'oeuvres will be provided by Quaker Steak & Lube.

Info here. 

365 Things To Do In Wheeling

#17. Third Friday with The Weathered Road. 

File this one in the "If only" category.....

Third Friday.  Guess when this event series takes place? The Third Friday of the month. Every month.

When: Friday, May 16.  (and the 3rd Friday of EVERY month)
Where: Artsworks Around Town. 2200 Market Street, Wheeling. (Centre Market, Upper House)
Time: 7p-10p
What: Art. Music.

This month's musical guest is The Weathered Road. 


It's a relaxing, enjoyable evening of art, music, and friends.

Check it out here.

"If only Wheeling had a cool art/music scene like this one place I went to in Columbus...."

We do.  You're welcome.


365 Things To Do In Wheeling

#16. Fashion Rocks. 

There's a fashion show.  And rock music.  You dig?

Billed as a New York-style fashion show and cocktail party, Fashion Rocks is an annual event with a great purpose. Produced by the incomparable Bob Bailey and The Gala Group, there is no shortage of class, elegance, food, and fun.

When: Saturday, May 10, 2014
Time: 7:30pm
Where: Wheeling Park Ice Rink 1801 National Road, Wheeling
How much: $40 ticket in advance or at the door (equals a $25 donation to the cause)
Benefits: Oglebay Institute's Summer Programs

What to wear? I've included some pictures from last year - not black tie but dress like you mean it, would ya'?

This year's theme is Asian-inspired.

Be ready to cheer on your favorite model.

Look how much fun they're having!!!  Don't you wish you were there right now?? 


365 Things To Do In Wheeling

#15.  GIVE! The Amazing Raise.  

Recently, someone said to me that the people of the Ohio Valley are the most generous they've seen anywhere.

I agree.  
But some people may want to give but aren't sure how.  Or where.  Or to whom.

Today is the day. 
The Amazing Raise Ohio Valley will be a first for the foundation and the region, a day in which anyone can become a philanthropist. This 24-hour giving marathon will benefit more than 80 local organizations. Every dollar donated at this website on May 6 will be amplified for causes in our community.
The Community Foundation is committed to helping you make a difference to the causes you care about and strengthening our local nonprofit sector. The Amazing Raise Ohio Valley is a special way to bring these two goals together; a powerful day to show support to our local community and a way to give a little extra to those who need it most.
Check out this awesome video to learn more! 


365 Things To Do In Wheeling.

#14.  Join The Ohio Valley Jaycees.  

Talk about a group of pretty darn amazing people.

The Jaycees is a group of community-minded people who do good for the greater good.

They had an 80s-themed fundraiser in April and the very next morning they turned out in force to present a check to The Easter Seals.  Wow.

In their words -

The Ohio Valley Jaycees is dedicated to giving the opportunites you crave to enhance your leadership abilites. We regularly offer the types of training that not only enhance your professional standing, but can very often enhance your personal life. 

Leadership. Fellowship.

Doesn't really get any better than this.

Visit them here or stop by a meeting on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month.  They meet in Elm Grove.

365 Things To Do In Wheeling

#13.  Affair With Flair.

Junior League of Wheeling.

Supports the Janie S. Altmeyer playground at Heritage Port.

Amazing food.  Great music.  Auction items.

In their words -

The Junior League of Wheeling, Inc. (JLW) is a driving force in the community, respected and known for its commitment and service. A dynamic, non-profit organization, the JLW is comprised of women dedicated to promoting voluntarism, improving the community, and developing the potential of women. It’s purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

To get involved or to see what else they're up to, visit them here. 

365 Things To Do In Wheeling.

#12. Kentucky Derby. 

Don't you think it'd be fun to go to Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Racetrack and watch the Kentucky Derby?

So do we.

Wheeling Island really did a great job of having plenty of mint juleps on hand. And a hat contest.

With a little creative thinking, a random Saturday can be super fun.

Right here in Wheeling.

365 Things To Do in Wheeling

#11. Wheeling Health Right Chefs Auction.

There are chefs. There are two auctions (one silent, one live.)

Restaurants from around the area go all-out with decor and food to match the theme.  This year's theme was the 1950s and every chef really brought it this year.

Every booth was decked-out and every restaurant was in costume.  From soda fountains to James Dean. Grease played on a big screen behind a live Doo-wop band.  There were many people wearing white socks with black shoes while other wore chiffon scarves.

Great time.  Great food. Great cause.

First Friday of May, every year.  Benefits Wheeling Health Right.

Wheeling Island Hotel Casino Racetrack had a "tv dinner" theme complete with a recliner, a TV from days of yore, and they served Salisbury steak and pudding.

Perfect evening.


365 Things To Do In Wheeling

#10. Join OV Connect. 

I often hear people say or ask, "How can I get involved?" and "What is there to do?"

There are myriad organizations throughout the region (and I'll dedicate a post to each) in which people can become involved.

But first ask yourself this: Why?

Why do I want to be involved?

Is it to volunteer, to have a sense of community, to network, to meet new people, or just because? Once you can answer that for yourself, there is definitely a group out there that is a good fit.

Today, let's discuss OV Connect.     <-----  (that's a link.  Click it.)

In their own words -

Simply put: we’re an organization of young professionals for young professionals.  We believe in fostering ideas to move this Valley forward.  We believe in networking.  We believe in giving back to the community while developing as individuals.  And as you might have guessed from the paragraph above, we believe in washing all that down with some good-old-fashioned fun!
All sorts of characters gather together to network at one of their Pub Run stops.
All sorts of characters gather together to network at one of their Pub Run stops.
Our members come from all over the Upper Ohio Valley.  From the lush, green hills of the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio, to the sprawling Washington – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region, we’re represented by a wide variety of individuals from a wide variety of businesses and organizations in many different industries.
Our members include bankers, doctors, marketers, non-profit directors and volunteers, attorneys, business owners, artists of all kinds, Web developers, sales professionals, dentists, insurance providers, accountants, chiropractors, educators, stockbrokers, and many other professions. It’s also open to folks entering the work force, getting their education, or staying at home to raise their families.  It is not open, however, to “fuddy-duddies”, whatever they are.  Sorry, duds.
Whether you…
  • Are new to the area and looking for ways to “plug-in”
  • Have been around for a while and are looking for fun/informative events to attend
  • Need to network for professional opportunities for yourself or your business/organization
  • Are comfortable in your career but looking to connect with others
I've been a member of OV Connect for several years and I can tell you this - it's a good group.  The people are genuine, caring, community-minded, and fun.  

It's $20 a year.  And they have super fun events like Pub Run, Zoo Brew, Playground Olympics, and more.  

Below are pics from the Pub Run 2013 & 2014.  You ever drink Guinness to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and then run down the street?  It's just as fun as it sounds!

Facebook and all that - https://www.facebook.com/ovconnect 

Pub Run 2014 is below -