365 Things To Do In Wheeling.

#20. Wheeling Symphony. 

But I don't know anything about symphonic music.
But I've never been....how do you dress?
Isn't it expensive and high-brow?

When I hear people ask these questions (all GREAT questions, BTW) it makes me think a few things. Either they're really just not interested OR their hesitation is due to the fact they've never gone and simply don't know what to expect.

Ok. Firstly, a night at The Capitol Theater is ALWAYS a great experience no matter what's happening on stage.

The musicians are from the region (and many live in Wheeling).  

So here are the details for Friday.

Capitol Theater, 1015 Main Street, Wheeling
Time: 8pm
Ticket prices vary
Call 304-233-4470 or visit www.CapitolTheaterWheeling.com 

This is the last concert of the regular season.  If you're too nervous/unsure, then check out the Pops series next season (yes, I'll Blog about it and tell you everything you need to know).

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